Glob Taxi is a definite leader in the transport industry

We offer safe and comfortable rides at competitive prices

Safe Cheap Taxi Warsaw

Bezpieczne Tanie Taxi Warszawa

Welcome to Glob Taxi – a safe and comfortable transport company from Warsaw. We offer a cheap and safe taxi with licensed drivers and regular vehicle service. In our taxis you will find airbags and ABS system, which guarantees travel safety. We provide a convenient way of loading luggage and card payment, as well as a friendly approach to people with disabilities. Thanks to the GPS location, you can follow the route, and the air conditioning and cleanliness of the interior ensure a comfortable journey. We are the best choice if you are looking for a cheap and fast taxi in Warsaw, including to the Modlin airport. Trust our company and order a safe and comfortable taxi with us today!

Advantages of Glob Taxi Poland

Safe Cheap Taxi Warsaw

Glob Taxi is the fastest growing taxi corporation in Warsaw. Our team has many years of experience in the transport industry. Our goal is to constantly create a new, higher standard of customer service.

Out of care for the customer, we want to meet the expectations of passengers by meeting the requirements set for us. In customer service, we are guided by the motto: We are Courteous.

We have a successively growing fleet of 870 high-class cars. Clean and well-maintained, both passenger and luggage: Mercedes, Audi, Skoda etc.

Bearing in mind the safety and comfort of our customers, all vehicles are equipped with ABS, airbags and air conditioning.

Especially for your convenience, we have purchased a fleet of modern, ecological and fully hybrid Toyota Prius cars. These cars are equipped with an audio-visual information system and are extremely environmentally friendly.

The price per kilometer that we offer to our customers is 2.80 PLN (daily tariff).

Thanks to a modern telephone exchange, computer network and qualified employees, we offer you quick contact with GlobCabTaxi at the numbers 1-96 68 or 666 00 96 68 and we guarantee professional and friendly service.

For the convenience of our customers, we have introduced the most modern system of non-cash settlements in Poland, based on the bank payment card system.

Non-profit activities

Safe Cheap Taxi Warsaw

Glob Taxi is a company that is involved in many non-profit activities. We support local communities by participating in charity events and sponsoring cultural events. Our company also cares for the natural environment through the use of ecological solutions. We believe that such activities are important and contribute to improving the quality of life of residents and protecting the environment. We invite you to support our activities by using our taxi services.

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