Safe Cheap Taxi Warsaw

Our slogan is “We are courteous”, which means that we always strive to provide our customers with the best service. Our offer includes transport services that combine safety and comfort. We make sure that our customers feel safe while traveling, and at the same time have a nice time in our cars. We offer all this at very attractive prices. Thanks to this, we can provide our customers with the best quality of services at affordable prices. If you are looking for a transport company that offers high quality services at affordable prices, then Glob Taxi is just for you.

Transfer from the airport

Warsaw ←→ Modlin Airport from 99 PLN
Chopin Airport ←→ Warszawa Centrum 39 PLN

Cheap Taxi

Comfortable and safe journey
for only 2.80 PLN/km

Luggage Taxi

Large cars with a delivery lift
for only 3.00 PLN/km

We attach great importance to the safety of passengers and the honesty of taxi drivers. A good and cheap taxi ensures safety, comfort and friendly service, and at the same time offers attractive prices and equipment that allows you to reach your destination quickly and comfortably.

We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy towards any abuse or misconduct. Report any comments and suggestions that will be forwarded directly to the Intervention and Complaints Department and are regularly monitored by the company’s management.

Our car fleet is regularly checked in our car service. Our services include e.g. replacement of oil and filters, technical inspection, replacement of brake pads and discs, replacement of brake and coolant fluid and many others. Our team of experienced mechanics will make sure that each car is always in perfect condition and ready for the road.

We invite you to our car service autoglob.eu

Safe Cheap Taxi Warsaw

Licensed Drivers

Our taxi drivers are a team of professionals with many years of experience and excellent knowledge of the topography of Warsaw, which guarantees fast and safe transport as well as reliable service at the highest level.

Regular Service

Regular car service in our fleet guarantees safety and comfort to our customers, and our reliability and punctuality ensure always timely delivery to the destination, which is our priority.


We care about the safety of our clients and that is why all our drivers undergo rigorous psychological examinations and check their criminal record to ensure high quality of services.


Out of concern for the safety of our passengers, all our cars have airbags, which provides even greater protection during possible road accidents.


All our taxis have ABS, which provides better braking control, reducing braking distances and preventing skidding on wet or slippery surfaces.

Promotions and discounts


Activation of the discount upon presentation of a valid student, pensioner or pensioner ID.


Activating the discount by selecting card payment in the application.

*Promotions cannot be combined!!!

Comfortable Safe Cheap Taxi Warsaw

Luggage Loading

Our drivers are always there to help and are always happy to help in loading and unloading luggage, ensuring our customers’ comfort and full satisfaction with the services. Thanks to this, our company gains trust and a positive opinion among customers who appreciate our approach and attention to their needs.

Card payment

We offer convenient and safe card payments, and all our cars are equipped with modern terminals, which allows for cashless payments without additional fees and unnecessary formalities. Thanks to this, our clients can enjoy full freedom and comfort when using our services.

High Culture

We attach great importance to the needs of our clients, which is why we offer friendly service and all kinds of assistance for the disabled and the elderly to ensure safe and comfortable movement around the city. Thanks to this, our customers can feel comfortable and safe, and our company takes care of their full satisfaction with the services.

GPS Location

We focus on the safety of our customers, which is why all our cars are equipped with GPS location systems, which allows for precise tracking of the route and, if necessary, a quick response in the event of an emergency. Our company guarantees a high level of security and protection for our customers.

Air conditioning

All cars are equipped with modern air conditioning systems that provide our customers with comfort and pleasure during travel, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. Our customers can enjoy fresh air and the right temperature while driving.


We pay special attention to the cleanliness of our taxis, which is why we check the cleanliness even twice a week to ensure a pleasant and hygienic ride for our customers. Thanks to this, our customers can enjoy clean and fresh cars, which positively affects their satisfaction with our services.

Glob Cab Taxi reviews

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In our opinion, the GlobCabTaxi corporation from Warsaw has the best offer.
Paweł Woda
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Good service, competitive prices, I recommend!
Piotr Zybert
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I recommend. Super fast and professional!!!
Iwona Szarłat
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The best corporation in Warsaw. Polite, cultured and punctual drivers. SUPER RECOMMEND only GLOB.

Car Fleet

Our car fleet consists of new and efficient vehicles, thus ensuring safe and comfortable journeys for our customers. Thanks to regular inspections and servicing of all our cars, we can undoubtedly guarantee their reliability and unquestionably high quality of each of our services.

We offer a selection of different car classes to ensure the best deal for each customer.

To facilitate the process of receiving invoices, please register in our Customer Database
by phone at: 22 884-25-68 or by e-mail at: biuro@globcabtaxi.pl

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